What Are Kindness Coupons?

Kindness Coupons are personally designed cards that can be distributed to share loving messages among the community to brighten up everyone’s day.

Kindness coupons are a result of the kindness of one child named Samson, who wanted to spread love and happiness amongst his friends that needed encouragement. They allow children, parents and peers to express their love and gratitude for one another.

Meet Samson

When Samson noticed a classmate was sad, he had to help. So the nine-year-old Tarbut V’Torah student tore some paper out of his notebook and drew a happy face with a message on the back asking his friend: “Wanna Play?”

The Grade Four student handed the note to his sad buddy who then immediately cheered up and replied to Samson with a smile.

At home later that day, Samson shared his experience with his parents and decided to call his handmade gift a “friendship buddy card.” Samson’s proud parents told his school about his from-the-heart creation.

Staff members were impressed and decided to introduce the cards to the whole school as “Kindness Coupons.” Samson asked three students to join him in organizing and sharing the concept around campus.

Today, Kindness Coupons are designed to spread love from parents to kids, kids to parents and students to students. Samson, a big brother to Maya and Coco, hope Kindness Coupons spread beyond Tarbut V’Torah and into schools, homes and hearts around the world.

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